Stick Shape

What stick suits you? - Shaft Curve

When deciding on the hockey stick that best suites you, one of the most important things to consider is the shape of the stick.  Often hockey brands will offer several different shapes in the same model of stick. 
Probably the most import point to consider is the position and size of the apex of the curve in the shaft.  The maximum allowable curve in the shaft is 25mm and most stick shapes have a curve pretty close to this.  However, the further down the shaft the apex of the curve is, the more suited the stick will be for aerial skills (in particular drag flicking and overheads).  These extra low bow sticks do however require the player to make adjustments to his/her game for the basic skills (hitting and stopping,) so are not recommend for more beginner players.  Players who do not prioritise areal skills and are looking for a more all-round stick, are better suited to use a low bow shape which has the apex of the curve slightly higher up the shaft.  These sticks still aid areal skills but also suited for the basic skills.  The last category of shaft shape would be mid bow sticks which the apex of the curve even higher up the shaft.  These best suited for the basic skills but make aerial skills more difficult.  This shaft shape is suited to players who prefer a more traditional stick or players with a less developed skill level.