One of the most important considerations when choosing a new hockey stick is the feel of the stick.  What is meant by the feel is the sensation felt when the stick makes contact with the ball when executing skills like hitting, slapping, trapping, dribbling, etc. While to some extent the feel is subjective, different stick models will have their own distinctive feels. Some may be softer and more forgiving while others could be harder but more precise. The feel is dependent on a mix of materials used to make the stick, as well as the manufacturing process. Top end sticks have a stiffer shaft in order to improve power but as the materials used to stiffen the shaft (such as Carbon) are not very pliable, they tend to have a harder feel. The real art in the manufacture of  a top end hockey stick is to produce a stiff shaft for high power, but at the same time creates a feel which allows for easy execution of skills.  Different manufacturers use a variety of technologies to try to soften the feel of a top end but inevitably there is  some trade off between power and softer feel, so make sure you choose the model that suites you best.