"Rooted in British heritage, OPRO has safeguarded athletes worldwide since 1997. Renowned for pioneering mouthguard technology, our Hertfordshire-based facility crafts premium protection for athletes at every level. Trusted by elite professionals like England Rugby and UFC, our mouthguards offer unparalleled comfort and fit. With over ten million athletes served, we're honored recipients of the Queen's Award for Innovation. Embracing innovation, our Instant Custom-Fit technology revolutionizes mouthguard fitting. Introducing OPROtec, we extend our expertise to sports supports and braces, blending neoprene warmth with silicone grip for ultimate comfort and protection. Our K-Tape features Biomaster antimicrobial additives for superior hygiene. As we embark on the next 25 years, OPRO remains committed to innovation, protection, and performance. We protect, you perform."