Bambino Black 2018

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They used to call Babe Ruth the “Bambino”… and we all know how hard he hit the baseball! Don’t be fooled… our entry-level stick still brings you right into the big leagues! Packed with a pile of the same core Voodoo technologies as our more advanced ranges, the Bambino still delivers a level of forgiveness and feel that most entry-level composite sticks only dream about. Featuring a great feel to ensure your skills keep developing, the Bambino will also deliver enough power and performance to keep you in the game. Like the Magic, this model has been purpose-built with a lighter head and higher balance point to aide in quick hands. Watch your fundamenta skills soar to new heights with this year’s Bambino.

Low Bow:
Famous for getting the most out of flicks and 3D skills, the V3 shape has a smooth low-bow shape highly prized by the worlds best flickers. Whilst being an ideal flicking stick, the clean shape also readily supports greater control on passing and hitting. Maximum curve is 24mm at 250mm.

Curve peek 24mm Curve position 250mm