Gryphon Chrome Diablo T-Bone 2019

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Diablo is the stiffest lay-up of the Chrome range to have an impact and play with style.

This range will help you to improve your game by improving your ball touch and thanks to the ERS, vibrations will be reduce when hitting the ball to avoid any discomfort.

Cork (Handle)

The Energy Reduction System technology has been developed to offer you a better feel when hitting and controlling the ball.

The Diablo is the stiffest lay up within the chrome range, giving you that Gryphon impact to get the best results. The T-bone shaped mould offers a low curve with the specific extended headship to maximise the head face and benefit your trapping and on ball feel. The low curve lets you get under the ball easily and execute those elimination skills, as well as pull out the precise overheads and drag flicks when you need. The introduction on the energy reduction system helps reduce vibrations when hitting the ball, providing a great feel though the cork handle design. It is an excellent combination of attributes combined to provide a high-class stick.