Gryphon Chrome Elan DII 2019

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Controlled Power to make sure you will deliver the best passes and impact the net.

This range will help you to step your game up by improving your ball touch and thanks to the ERS, vibrations will be reduce when hitting the ball to avoid any discomfort.

Cork (Handle)

The Energy Reduction System technology has been developed to offer you a better feel when hitting and controlling the ball.

Bringing those silky aerial skills, controlled power on the ball and a real soft touch, this stick lets you dictate your opposition and allows you to do whatever you like on the ball. The extra low curve lets you get under the ball nicely to eliminate through the air and throw overheads at will. A great feel on the ball with the energy reduction system ingrained within the handle of the sticks will have you feeling in complete control and ready to execute any hockey skill you require.