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Voodoo Code Red L2BC 2018

VENDOR: Voodoo


You Save: R1,400.00 (49%)


The CODE RED elite level stick has been a consistent top-seller in the Voodoo arsenal since 2007. It was originally introduced to the market as a high-end introductory stick. However, this power packed weapon has since reached cult status in the field hockey community around the world. It continues to hold this status due to the ultra premium lay-up. The CODE RED displays the same customary mid-to-low curve profile ensuring superior ball control through a higher balance-point, for execution of skills at blazing speeds. The Code Red traditionally has a lighter head than the rest of the elite range, and the CODE RED is no exception. Simply put, this transfers to quicker head speed and ultimately, sharper skills under pressure. This cult classic again brings a mind numbing power-to-weight ratio that will take your game to the next level, regardless of the position you play.

Low2 Bow Concave:
If you are looking for the uptime weapon for the dragflicking area no need to go further. The L2BC offers an aggressive Low bow combined with a controlled groove to enhance the ball control whilst dragflicking and "skilling" in the air. It comes with a thinner toe to give you extra flow while executing some aerial skills.

Maximum curve is 24mm at 205mm.


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