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Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel T-Bone 2019


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The Taboo BlueSteel is a top-level collection that gives you the purist feel of any stick out there with real power. Simply the silkiest touch of any Gryphon stick while keeping that world famous hitting power.

This hybrid shape combines the best attributes of the mid and low curve shapes. It also comes fit with a thicker shaft above the toe maximising power and control on upright backhands while also guaranteeing ease when lifting the ball for overheads and 3D skills. It is also considered as a useful shape for those looking to improve drag-flicking skills without compromising on the ability to perform basics.

This range encourages you to hone your skills to the next level by providing a smooth feedback throughout your hand contact.


The must have for 3D skill lovers! The extra low curve and classic head shape lets you get under the ball with ease, allowing you to defy gravity and slip your way past the defence. Giving you superb control when dribbling, lifting the ball and drag flicking, it will help you get to the next level. The composition combination creates such a pure feel and allows smooth feedback whilst still giving you the extreme hitting power you crave.

Size Guide
Choosing the right stick length for you can be a tough decision. There is a lot to think about but what it really comes down to is your preference; Long gone are the days of checking to see if the stick lines up with your hip bone - What we tend to recommend is that your Forward attacking players play with the shorter, 36.5", and your defensive players to use the 37.5".

Why do we say this? a 36.5" stick forces you to be lower to the ground which gives you more control over the ball and a better view of your surrounding area. While in a defensive player the 37.5" stick gives the players that extra reach. We can recommend a stick length based on your height or playing style but it comes down to your preference in the end.

Note: the above sizing is only an approxomate guide to help you best purchase.

Warrant Registration
GRYPHON Sticks 2019 come with a 6 months warranty against a structural break (not cosmetic damage)

To qualify please register your stick on the GRYPHON website here, within two weeks of your purchase. Note that the warranty is only applicable to the 2019 GRYPHON Range.

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