Voodoo Precision L2BC 2018

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Naming this stick was simple task. From tip-to-toe, this Voodoo weapon delivers pure PRECISION to your game. Fixed with the fundamental core Voodoo technologies that keep you one step ahead of the competition, the Precision is a weapon featuring a dual-wall construction that gives superior feel, power… and precision! Prepare yourself for a lateral and torsional stiffness that generates power you rarely find in a mid-upper range stick. With a light balance point increasing your control and reaction time, you can depend on the Precision to deliver the performance and accuracy you need.

Low2 Bow Concave:
If you are looking for the uptime weapon for the dragflicking area no need to go further. The L2BC offers an aggressive Low bow combined with a controlled groove to enhance the ball control whilst dragflicking and "skilling" in the air. It comes with a thinner toe to give you extra flow while executing some aerial skills.

Maximum curve is 24mm at 205mm.