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Princess 7Star SGX 2019


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Size Guide

7 STAR Power
The top of the range PRINCESS 7star hockey stick offers maximum power with 100% carbon composite giving it long-lasting rigidity and strength. With a very crisp feel this is the top of the range stick for a player with excellent touch looking to take advantage of the extra hitting power.

MOULD / SHAPE of stick
The Mould 10 (SGX) is an exciting EXTREME LOW BOW or LATE BOW shape. It's the maximum legal bow allowed by the international hockey rules giving you the edge and maximum advantage over other players. It's a specialist stick for those players wanting to drag flick, overhead (or scoop) and perform awesome aerial skills (air dribbling or flips and pops over other players sticks). Doing any skills with this stick is a whole lot easier given the bow which causes the stick to curl around and stick to the hockey ball at all times giving you maximum control.

Size Guide
Choosing the right stick length for you can be a tough decision. There is a lot to think about but what it really comes down to is your preference; Long gone are the days of checking to see if the stick lines up with your hip bone - What we tend to recommend is that your Forward attacking players play with the shorter, 36.5", and your defensive players to use the 37.5".

Why do we say this? a 36.5" stick forces you to be lower to the ground which gives you more control over the ball and a better view of your surrounding area. While in a defensive player the 37.5" stick gives the players that extra reach. We can recommend a stick length based on your height or playing style but it comes down to your preference in the end.

Note: the above sizing is only an approxomate guide to help you best purchase.


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