Gryphon Taboo Blue Steel Samurai 2018

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The Taboo BlueSteel is a top-level collection that gives you the purist feel of any stick out there with real power. Quite simply is has the silkiest touch of any Gryphon stick while keeping that world famous hitting power.

The Extra-Low curve is identical to the Deuce II shape further complemented by a control groove shaft to assists in the action of dragging the ball on penalty corners. It comes with a thinner toe to give you extra flow while executing some aerial skills. More precision is required from the player in order to execute skills with full control.

This range encourages you to hone your skills to the next level by providing a smooth feedback throughout your hand contact.


Designed to give you the edge when flicking into the net, while still providing a quality platform to execute your skills, making it a dynamic style stick. The control groove helps whip the ball down your stick, and give you that deception when flicking and passing. While the extra low curve allows you to get under the ball easily and quickly to increase your ball speed and 3D skills. Designed with an excellent composition it gives you great feel and super smooth feedback while not compromising your hitting power.