Taboo Striker DII 2018

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Grow as a player and pushes you to develop advanced skills on the ball while maintaining the hitting power you need to impact the game.

A must have shape for all 3D skill lovers. The Extra-Low curve of this shape will bring you to the next level when performing tasks such as dribbling and ball lifting for overheads and drag flicking, while maintaining a high level of reverse stick control. Some adjustments will be necessary when hitting and controlling the ball due to the extra late bow.

This range encourages you to hone your skills to the next level by providing a smooth feedback throughout your hand contact.


The aerial king that can take you to higher levels! The extra low curve and classic head shape is constructed to let you get under the ball easily and execute when jinking, overheading and drag flicking. The complex layup gives you a well-constructed stick that pushes you to develop advanced skills while maintaining that high class hitting power you need to make an impact. All while giving you smooth feedback through your hands to cushion your grip.