Tour Samurai 2017

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Our stiffest lay-up gives unbeatable power output and the sharpest first touch, cushioned slightly by the handle-integrated silicon sleeve.

The Extra Low Curve is identical to the Deuce II shape further complemented by a control groove shaft to assists in the action of dragging the ball on penalty corners. It comes with a thinner toe to give you extra flow while executing some aerial skills. More precision is required from the player in order to execute skills with full control.

Extreme stiffness with a cushioned but instant touch


Used by the best players in the world this range has no equal in the power arena.Constructed only from ultra-premium material including high processed Carbon, combining lightweight, high stiffness and high chemical resistance Kevlar and rearranged Fiberglass.

The TOUR range owes its unique feel to a structure of precisely balanced elements. To complement the most powerful lay-up on the market, an exclusive Silicon Sleeve Technology is added underneath the grip.

The Tour Range gives you more cushion on your traps and that extra ‘feel’ for dribbling skills without losing out on that extreme hitting power you crave. This combination will have you delivering the perfect pass and scoring the ultimate goal. This range would suit any player looking for a crisp touch that is highly responsive with the stick and ball.