Voodoo Punisher LB E4

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How good is our revamped PUNISHER?

Well we think it’s pretty great. Why? To start with it’s based on the same design and engineering principles as our world-class UNLIMITED model. This year’s PUNISHER is the perfect skills in all playing situations. The PUNISHER profile has been designed to the exact standards of Voodoo’s international players, ensuring an optimum face angle that assists with precision skills, on both the forehand and backhand. Not to mention the ease with which the Punisher’s shape allows for aerials and 3D skills on the run. An optimum mid-shaft balance point keeps the head light and the skills sharp, no matter which position on the field you play.

Low Bow:
Famous for getting the most out of flicks and 3D skills, the V3 shape has a smooth low-bow shape highly prized by the worlds best flickers. Whilst being an ideal flicking stick, the clean shape also readily supports greater control on passing and hitting. Maximum curve is 24mm at 250mm.

Curve peake 24mm Curve position 250mm