Grays Hockey stands as the world's oldest and most trusted brand, serving the hockey community for over 150 years under the ownership of Grays of Cambridge, a family-run enterprise. Originating from racket sports, Grays diversified into hockey in the 1870s, crafting sticks from ash in Cambridge. By 1914, their equipment was exported globally, customized for top players. The iconic orange flash, introduced in the 1970s, remains a symbol of the brand's legacy. Grays led the composite stick revolution with the GX collection, later enhancing it with Graphene in the GR line. Legendary players like Imran Sherwani and Natascha Keller proudly represented Grays, continuing with stars like Zach Wallace and Laurien Leurink today. Grays remains the 'International Choice,' endorsed by renowned athletes worldwide, including Olympic champions and seasoned veterans.