How To

A step by step guide to designing your perfect kit

Intro into the designer

When you open up a custom clothing design page you will be greeted by our design tool. You will see a live preview of the design as well as all your design tools.

Step 1 - Base Colours

The first choice you have is the base colours of the garment. Here you can choose the Collar, Base, and Sleeve colours. We have a wide range of pre-set choices or you can enter your own if you have a specific colour you would like.

Step 2 - Base Design

Next up you can choose between a wide range of base design options. These will cover the base of the garment.

Step 3 - Design Colours

Scrolling You will see the colour options for the design. These are completely independent of the base colours so you can change them to suit your design

Step 4 - Sleeve Design

Next you can add a design to the sleeves of the garment (Racerback not included) and change up the colours again independently from any other colour

Step 5 - Uploading a Badge

You have two badge positions you an use. On the chest "pocket" area and across the chest. It is recommend to upload a high quality picture with a clear background or preferably in vector format.

Step 6 - Name and Number

Next up you can choose to add a name and number to the shirt. These are not necessary and can be excluded if you would like. You also have the choice of font styles and colours of each.

Step 7 - Bulk ordering

With the bulk order you can input the Name, Number and size for each garment. There is a minimum order amount of 11 units per order. Clicking the You can add these individually or in bulk by clicking on the "list view" button

Step 8 - Sharing the design

Want to share the design with your team? No problme click on the share button underneath the preview to either download a picture to send or a link to share. Sharing the link will allow your team to customise the design further.

Step 9 - Add to cart

What's next? Adding the design to your cart! You can checkout form there or add another garment! Quick and easy!