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Do you need a quote or invoice for payment? We've got your covered

The quickest and easiest way to get an invoice for payment is to add the gear to your cart and proceed to checkout.

At checkout you will have the option to choose your delivery method, apply any additional discounts you may have, and choose your Payment Option. If you need a quote to submit to your finance office, team, parernts etc. You can select the EFT (Bank Deposit) option at checkout.

Once you select this your order will be created and you will immediately get an email with all the information as well as an invoice and the banking details for you to submit for payment.

Our systems allows orders to be held as pending payment for up to seven days. On the seventh day you will be emailed a reminder about the order and should the payment not be made within the next day your order will be cancelled.

Need to extend these seven days? No problem!

Just email our team with your order number and what extension you need an we will see how we can help out!