Adidas Field Hockey

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If you're into field hockey, adidas have all you need to perform at your best on match day and at training. Here you'll find all the field hockey kit and sportswear you require, whether you're a seasoned player or you're just getting started.

DF Kromaskin

R 4,500.00

AX Kromaskin

R 4,500.00

DF24 Carbon

R 2,790.00

TX24 Carbon

R 2,790.00

LX24 Compo 1

R 2,390.00
Adidas U7 Large Stick Bag
10+ @ R 1,750.00

U7 Large Stick Bag

R 2,290.00
Adidas AdiGrip Tape


AdiGrip Tape

R 140.00
Adidas VS3 Hockey Stick Sleeve
Low Stock
10+ @ R 290.00

VS3 Hockey Stick Sleeve

R 370.00

OD Hockey Glove

R 430.00

SG Shinguard

R 430.00
Adidas VS3 Small Stick Bag
10+ @ R 395.00

VS3 Small Stick Bag

R 550.00
Adidas DF24 Compo 6 2019
On Sale

DF24 Compo 6 2019

R 690.00 R 990.00-31%