Osaka Hockey
HOCKEY LIFESTYLE Osaka World was founded in 2011 with the commitment to fuse hockey heritage with lifestyle. Named after one of the

biggest cities in Japan because of our great admiration for the Japanese culture and it’s design ethos. We perceive Japanese aesthetic as very minimal, clean and functional. It’s design principle where more is less. Striving for design inspired by versatility, functionality and durability.

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Pro Tour Limited Show Bow 2020

R 4,690.00

Pro Tour Limited Pro Groove 2020

R 4,690.00

Pro Tour Pro Bow 2020

R 4,190.00

Vision 85 Show Bow 2020

R 3,390.00

Vision 85 Proto Bow 2020

R 3,390.00

IDō Mk1 Standard Fit

R 2,890.00
Osaka Soft Touch Grip


Soft Touch Grip

R 190.00
Osaka SEX-Tape 2.0


SEX-Tape 2.0

R 490.00

Armadillo Glove 2020 Rocket White

R 590.00

Armadillo Glove 2020 Iconic Black

R 590.00
Osaka Medium Backpack Galaxy Navy
Low Stock

Medium Backpack Galaxy Navy

R 1,090.00

Pro Tour Wood Indoor Low Bow 2020

R 1,700.00