Smart Ball

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This is the world first App based Hockey game designed to improve your technical skills. Challenge players around the world in skills and challenges and track your progress on the leaderboard. Download the Free APP and use the SmartBall to unlock the app and become a hockey star in your own living room. 

It's all in the Numbers

Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement. If you can't measure it you can't improve it

The smart ball allows you to measure your dribble speed, juggling skills, and more!

How does it measure this? All with your mobile phone! With the smart ball you can connect it to you mobile phone using the app and keep track of your skills and how you are improving!

Repetition of skills and measurement thereof are the keys to success. The App software allows you to learn the coolest skills and tricks from professional hockey players all over the world. Measure how fast you dribble, how many times you can tap the ball in the air or how many V drags you can do. How? Just with your mobile device, the Smartball App and the SmartBall. The App uses the camera of the mobile devices to link up with the Smartball and the App captures and tracks the movements made by the ball

Train with prebuilt exercise!

The App has been loaded with skills to help you train your technique and improve you game. Complete the drills and earn points to customize your avatar to look just like you. The App will keep track of your stats and when you earn a new high score, share it with the world with a ‘prove it’ video.

Training of the basic skills is a fundamental of hockey but is often overlooked. The Smartball gives players a platform to train and develop these basic skills in a fun, interactive and competitive way. Coordination, Hand speeds and ball control will be tested and improved everytime a drill is completed on the App. Progress is tracked within the app and as your skills grow, you earn points to build up your own avatar.

Training at home or by yourself has never been more exciting or easy.

How does it work?

Smart ball - Scan the ball

Scan the ball

With the specially developed ball, your phone follows your movements exactly and keeps track of your drills. Open the app by scanning the ball! Create your personal profile and Let's Go!

Smart Ball - Choose your exercise

Choose your exercise

The Game is full of super cool exercises. Choose the technique you want to train, set your time limit and start training like a pro!

Smart Ball - Check your stats

Check your stats

Within The Game of Kicks N Sticks you can keep track of your own progress and development under the Stats button. Go for that upward trend.

Smart Ball - Choose your avatar

Change your Avatar

Do the exercises and collect as many points as possible. With these points you can completely customize your personal avatar in the game! Super awesome!

Download the App

Get it in a set and save!



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Smart Ball

R 600.00