OBO ROBO ABS Helmet Black

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So you know you are getting the best possible protection!


Lightweight and increadibly strong ABS shell provides increadible protection alongside the Hi Carbon wire grill


Designed to move with you by hinging at the jaw the Clear polycarbonate plastic throat guard adds an extra layer of protection


ROBO ABS HELMET THE LATEST AND COOLEST DESIGN FORM THE WONDER KITS AT OBO The new design sports a super lightweight ABS shell for the a lightweight feel while still providing superior protection as well as new ridged top design for greater structural support and deflection. FEATURES 6 Ridge Forehead For maximum strength and deflection ABS Shell Lightweight and increadibly strong ABS Shell Hi Carbon Steel Wire Cage Rebated into the helmet shell for increased protection (and style) Close Cell Polyethylene Foam inner Chin Cup Has been reshaped to be more comfortable than ever and easier to talk in. The Chin is also adjustable for total security Angular Shaping To help deflect the ball Fully adjustable and protective rear panel With unique strap system for fast adjustament Sweatband For extra comfort and to keep sweat from dripping down so you can focus on stopping the ball! Removable and washable... Hygeine matters! Double Cenre Wire Fully Internal Straps Ccan be adjusted from the rear plate making tightening and loosening the straps even easier and providing a more consistent fit. Integrated Throat Guard Made from a clear polycarbonate plastic the throat gguard is strong and doesnt inhibit vision. Designed to move with you by hinging at the jaw so you always have protection where you need it.
OBO ROBO ABS Helmet Black

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OBO ROBO ABS Helmet Black

R 4,950.00

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