OBO Yahoo Leg Guard

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YAHOO LEGGUARDS have been designed to refl ect the needs of the new generation of goalkeepers. They encourage the natural movement of the human body, quicker reactions, and enable players to quickly return to the upright position having gone to ground.


Integrated locking system between legguard and kicker. Stops/reduces twisting of legguard when sliding. Maximises protection. Returns pads to the correct frontal position when the goalie assumes upright stance.


The HI DENSITY outer foam layer is ideal for ‘control’ and ensures ‘low wear’... even on sand surfaces .The LOW DENSITY inner foam provides comfort. Both combinations will not change their weight when wet


OBO CLOUD LEGGUARDS This LEGGUARD model took 18 months to develop. OBO refi ned and tested the concept and detailed designs using goal keepers from Holland, Germany, United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The underlying rationale for the legguard design stems from the modern games’ playing trends, new rules, and resulting playing requirements that the goalkeeper is very mobile. Goalkeepers of the future will need to be much more agile, and versatile in the use of their feet. In fact, the best goalkeepers will almost become an extra defender. The legguards are shaped to give excellent rebound control from almost any angle. The ball control is achieved by a design centred around the natural movement of the human body and the use of carefully selected foams. Because the design allows the body to move naturally, more power and controlled rebound is achieved. The LEFT and RIGHT legguard are not the same because goalkeepers do not have the same requirements for each leg. The right leg is designed to allow easy body movement and controlled sliding without any twisting. The left leg is wider and is angled differently to maximise width while minimising the chance of a ball skidding past the outside edge of the legguard and into the goal. Numerous other small changes have been made to make the legguard stronger, more durable and provide better protection (especially in the knee and lower leg area ). At a recent senior Goal Keepers Clinic at the famous Southgate Club in England, fully kitted goal keepers were required to run through cones. When timed, the results were astounding. The design of the OBO Legguards and Kickers enabled the OBO goalies to cover the distance in 30 seconds while goalies equipped with other brands repeatedly took over 45 seconds.
OBO Yahoo Leg Guard
  • HIDDEN STRAPS ensure no wear or grabbing when sliding
  • LEFT LEGGUARD provides maximum width by being wider than the RIGHT…but still does not twist when sliding
  • INTEGRATED LOCKING SYSTEM between legguard and kicker. Stops/reduces twisting of legguard when sliding.Maximises protection. Returns pads to the correct frontal position when the goalie assumes an upright stance
  • LOWER WING EXTENSION closes the gap under the kicker when lying on the ground
  • RIGID & CURVED UPPER SHAPE provides maximum protection of the lower quadricep muscles
  • ANATOMICALLY DESIGNED INNER for maximum comfort and fit. Stops twisting when sliding. Designed to extend abovethe knee and below the ankle
  • LOW DENSITY INNER FOAM provides comfort
  • SPECIALLY DESIGNED BUCKLES are fully adjustable and will not creep open or loosen during play
  • ALL JOINTS ARE BONDED (not glued) using an exclusive Thermo-Bonding System
  • THE WING ensures a wide and firm presentation when standing
  • CURVED FACE for accurate rebound off any part of the legguard
  • THE WING HINGING SYSTEM engages when the goalie goes to ground. Minimises stress on the knee. Minimises legguardtwist on the leg when sliding. Instantly returns to the correct position the moment the goalie stands up

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OBO Yahoo Leg Guard

R 4,950.00

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